Case Study: Yulu PR

In the spring of 2012  Yulu PR asked us to help position them as Vancouver’s no. 1 public relations agency. In under six months they were the no. 1 ranked PR agency in the city. If we needed any further proof of the impact that SEO can have on a small business, this was it.


The Challenge(s)

Their domain name was two months old and their website was half-finished. They had three staff members, and just as many clients. Even their office was a work-in-progress. Perhaps we may had bitten off more than we could chew…

Screenshot of the Yulu website - SEO client.
The Strategy

Yulu’s team insisted that there be no paid advertising component to their agency’s promotion, and for good reason. PR is about earned media, not paid advertising.  The focus would have to be on organic search engine results.


The benefits of a top organic Google ranking would be twofold; First, the obvious – more traffic. Knowing that 75% of users never make it past the first page, we knew that a first page ranking would be an integral part of Yulu’s lead generation.

The second benefit was a little less tangible – credibility. Most assume that a no. 1 Google ranking is reserved for the biggest, best, or most established businesses.


We knew Yulu was going to exceed their clients expectations – we just needed to get them in the door.

The Results

Through a combination of on-site optimization, link building, and SEO consulting, we were able to deliver as promised.

In less than six months, Yulu PR was the no. 1 ranked agency on Google, Bing and Yahoo for search terms like Vancouver PR Agency, Vancouver Public Relations, and Vancouver Communications Agency.


Perhaps more importantly, our ongoing site optimization and consulting helped them secure top three rankings in a bevy of more specific long-tail keywords, such as Vancouver Real Estate PR, Vancouver Fashion PR, etc. Though these search terms are not quite as glamorous, they convert, and that was the goal all along.

Let’s grow your brand.